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During storm season, the following shelters are available to the public: Eugene Field Shelter at the corner of Ninth St and Main St, the Post Office Shelter, and Francis Willard/Head Start Shelter (enter the gate on the west side on N Lowe St).  Pets are not allowed in any of the public shelters.

A storm siren is an outdoor warning signal to warn citizens outside of approaching severe weather and to move inside.  During severe weather, the siren will sound as such:

  •     One long 3-minute steady siren indicates severe weather is approaching, move inside and monitor local weather. 
  •     Three minutes of up/down siren wailing indicates the "ALL CLEAR" signal.  (Also used for Homeland Security Attack) 

Hobart will sound sirens when the National Weather Service in Norman advises of a tornado warning for Hobart or when Hobart's own weather spotters notice dangerous or ominous weather approaching the town.  

Hobart sirens are tested at 5pm every Friday unless severe weather is in the immediate area.